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The basics of storing and recovering data

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General issues

Here you will find articles on general issues regarding the topic of data recovery. Read on to learn more about different storage devices and peculiarities of data retrieval from them, methods to protect your files from loss and ways to optimize the chances of their successful restoration as well as modern industry trends and data recovery software products. Acquire a knowledge of various relevant methods and techniques to be able to quickly find the best solution in case of a sudden data disaster.

Disk partition overlapping: possible causes
During scanning, Recovery Explorer may spot an error related to disk partition issues. The causes for this error can be absolutely different but lead to the same result: recovery scan may be incorrect.
How to get an appropriate license for the program
Due to the fact that there are several extensions and versions of the Recovery Explorer software, you might need some extra guidance on how to choose the most appropriate license. In this article we explain the main differences between all the available licenses.