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The basics of storing and recovering data

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Storage technologies

Get an insight into the basics of data storage: find out the peculiarities of each technology, their pros and cons, as well as the most common reasons for data loss from them. Learn how to store your files properly, decreasing the risk of their disappearance, and become proficient in coping with any deleted, lost or formatted data trouble from any type of storage medium.

Virtual disks as data storage
Virtualization technologies are very popular these days. Almost every office with an IT-infrastructure employs virtual systems. So, what is a virtual machine, and what is it used for? What kind of errors may result in data loss from a virtual disk?
RAID systems
Learn more about different levels of RAID, their peculiarities and the symptoms that may indicate a possible failure of such a system. Find out what the chances are to recover the data and what precautions you may take during manipulations with RAID drives.
NAS: the ways to bypass data loss
Discover what a NAS device is and which purposes it serves. Learn more about its possible data loss issues and their signs, the risk factors that may lead to a total data disaster and the safety measures you may take against them.